DtC Fiber Optic Distribution Cabinet

DtC ODC cabinet is for connect and distribute trunk fiber cable and distribution fiber cable to the home pass through the ODP cabinet distribution. ODC can be design use for indoor but mostly is using outdoor termination purpose, and the capacity can be custom by project needs.

DtC Optical Distribution Point Pedestal

For fiber’s splicing, distributing and splitting. According to customer’s requirements, for ODP design, we use fusion splice method: we use simplex pigtail to connect chip type splitter first, then the pigtails splice with the distribution fiber cable for dropping to the each home.

DtC Fiber Optic Wallmount

DtC Rackmount Fiber Optic wallmount for distribution is applied for fiber splicing, distributing, and termination.

DtC Optical Distribution Frame/OTB

Connectors are designed to be mounted at an angle of 30° ,Slide-in & out design for fiber management module. Modular design for 19 inch standard frame, Combined splice & patch unit and Max capacity up to 144 ports

DtC Optical Distribution Point Aerial

DtC Optical Distribution Point Aerial is a closure devices are equipped with optical termination as a connection point between optical distribution cables and optical drop cables to the customer, whis is mounted on the aerial, and equiped with splitters.

DtC Optical Termination for Distribution

DtC OTB Rackmount for Fiber easy for assembling and maintenance, casing material use steel plate (anti corrosive) and finishing using powder coating, item already include pigtail ready for splicing, splice tray, adaptor SC/LC/FC and splice protector.

DtC Fiber Optic Roset/ Faceplate

DtC Fiber Optic Roset is intalled to inside customer’s building to provide fiber termination points and housing for optical adaptors and connectors. The Roset shall be used for the interface and interconnection point between the customer’s in-building fiber optic cabling system and ONT (Optical Network Terminal Equipment) Patch Cord

DtC Splitter Product

► Spli er inside the box being recommended for cable size 0.9 or 2.0mm ► Temperature performance -40 to +85 degree ► Oper ng wavelength for 1260-1650nm ► Available capacity of spli ng: 1x2, 1x4, 1x8, 1x16, 1x32, 1x64 ► Inser on loss of PLC spli er with connector should plus related connector excess loss


This home intellegent box are designed for FTTH situation to access SFU type ONU, we can install different kinds of modules and drop cable termination device.

DtC Fiber Joint Closure

DtC Optical fiber cable joint box is applied to joint aerial, duct, direct buried optical cable, straight through or branched jointing. The joint box has two cable ports on each end, one in one out, two in two out, or one in three out.